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University of California

Arrow Capital is a student-run venture firm founded by UC Berkeley students with the mission of supporting both current and former UC students in their entrepreneurial journeys.

The Arrow Difference

We differ along three principal dimensions, all of which we believe will be greatly beneficial to the startups who join our community:


By investing the University of California’s own endowment dollars back into UC startups, we create a virtuous flywheel of growth. Arrow Capital seeks to entrench itself in the UC entrepreneurship ecosystem and will leverage its network within this community to help UC startups succeed.


Our student partners are strategically aligned to help your startup grow its business and raise subsequent rounds. Whatever you need, from recruitment support to competitive analysis to technology research, the Arrow team will have your back. Our work does not stop once the paperwork is signed. In fact, it has barely begun.


Our partners have worked in or closely with startups previously and thus have valuable operational experience and expertise to draw upon. Check out our amazing team here!

Our Process

Startups interested in receiving funding from Arrow must first submit an application.


Those who make it through the application phase will be contacted by one of our student investment partners to become more familiar with your team and company.


As we learn more, we will likely invite you to subsequent meetings with one or more Arrow partners or industry experts, to deepen our understanding of all aspects of your business and the potential opportunity.


The final step will involve your startup pitching to the entire Arrow partnership, after which we will collectively & conclusively determine whether or not to invest.


The Arrow team will then work with you to finalize its investment, and begin an ongoing process to leverage our network to provide any and all operational and strategic guidance in our power to help your company succeed.

Investment Terms

Arrow will typically invest up to $50k via a founder friendly SAFE note. We generally find this the simplest way to structure deals for pre-seed companies, but are open to considering alternatives. Additionally, all Arrow portfolio startups will receive $5k in free AWS credits through AWS Activate.

Our Portfolio
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