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What Sorts of Startups Do We Like to Fund?

Arrow Capital considers three main factors in deciding which startups to back:

Current Stage of Startup

In a nutshell, Arrow is both stage and industry agnostic. We happily consider startups across the spectrum, but there are some key metrics in our decision-making process that we would like to highlight. First, we like to see that the startup is solving a well-defined problem in the world and that the problem has a sizable market to address. While revenue is not required, we like to see some form of potential customer traction / conversations, and ideally an accompanying MVP. If these are not present, we would like to at least see that you thought about the problem, the target market, the necessary pivots or iterations, and ultimately, that you and your co-founders exhibit incredible grit to solve the problem and push your startup to success. There is no cap in terms of previous funding, and while Arrow mainly invests in pre-seed companies, we do have a direct referral to our parent firm Bow Capital, a Series A and B fund, if larger amounts of funding are desired.

Berkeley Connection

One of Arrow Capital’s underlying pillars is that we invest solely in Berkeley-affiliated startups. That is, at least one person from the founding team should be a Cal undergraduate, graduate, Ph.D., faculty, alumni, or have some other tie to the University. If you have any questions on whether you are qualified as Berkeley-affiliated, please don’t hesitate to reach out to partners@arrow.capital.

Arrow Ask

Arrow Capital provides a variety of resources for its portfolio companies. First, Arrow provides the time and energy in advising on strategic matters to help scale our startups. Second, we help startups evaluate the next steps to prepare for larger amounts of funding, especially to our parent fund, Bow Capital. Third, Arrow-funded startups are automatically accepted into Berkeley Skydeck’s HotDesk program. Fourth, Arrow provides Amazon Web Services (AWS) credit. Fifth, Arrow has a wealth of connections across the University and the student body, selective referrals to Bow and their network, Arrow’s own advisor network, and introductions to top Silicon Valley law firms for potential incorporation. Sixth, Arrow can assist in recruiting for the startup's headcount. And lastly, Arrow partners themselves represent a target demographic (ages 18-32) to serve as current users of the product and to provide iterative feedback and suggestions for our startups.

Arrow Capital is a student-operated venture capital firm supercharged by Bow Capital and the University of California’s Endowment Fund. Arrow makes investments of up to $50,000 in Berkeley-affiliated startups. They empower the next generation of world-class Cal startups through funding, mentorship, and long-term strategic partnerships. Learn more at www.arrow.capital