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Arrow's Favorite Newsletters and Podcasts

Group Favorites

The Twenty Minute VC: Venture Capital | Startup Funding | The Pitch by Harry Stebbings - discussions about what investors are looking for in startups, tips and tricks to increase funding, how to become a VC, other advice, discussions, and predictions in industry.

How I Built This / NPR / Guy Raz. This is a a 45 min podcast conversation with the founder or early employees at large companies.

Stratechery Weekly Article by Ben Thompson - This is a thoughtful analysis usually of a major event in Tech, from quite a academic / theory perspective.

Masters of Scale by Reid Hoffman (co-founder of Linked, partner at Greylock) - 1 hour podcast with specific focus on how to build a billion dollar company. Guest have included Zuckerberg, Eric Schmidt and Airbnb founders.

Levi's Favorites

Accelerated Weekly Newsletter: this is a weekly newsletter published specifically for college students wanting to keep up with tech news.

TLDR: this is a daily newsletter that is really short but details the latest stories by category: Big Tech & Startups, Science & Cutting Edge Technology, Programming & Data Science, and Miscellaneous stories.

Matt's Favorites

Drinking from the Firehouse - Personal Blog of Lightspeed Partner Alex Taussig. He covers “One Big Thought” together with a roundup of weekly news across tech, commerce, media, science & culture

a16z Benedict Evan’s Newsletter - Often has a weekly blog he has written analysing an interesting happening in tech, along with other news

AVC by Fred Wilson - Short daily thoughts from a well renowned East Coast VC

CB Insights - Good in detail industry reports

Niles' Favorites

PitchBook News - Gives great daily updates on Venture Capital, Private Equity, and Mergers & Acquisitions activity.

Seeking Alpha - Stock market insights.

Kaitlyn Favorites

Strictly VC Newsletter - put together by the founder of TechCrunch & it comes straight to my inbox! I especially like the new funding section.

The Financial Times/Bloomberg - good for general market news and does a good job putting things into a macro context.

This is Success Podcast (Business Insider) —> stories by successful entrepreneurs and their stories.

Amy’s Favorite

Stratechery podcast - The newsletter is a favorite of the group, but I also really like the podcast version.

Ben’s Favorites

Dan Primack’s Axios Pro Rata daily newsletter

Matt Levine’s Bloomberg Money Stuff daily newsletter

Fortune Term Sheet daily newsletter

The Hustle daily newsletter

Freakonomics Radio podcast

Planet Money podcast

Distilling Venture Capital podcast