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Arrow Capital announces new healthcare investment

Updated: Mar 31, 2019

Arrow Capital is now officially in our fifth month of operation and proud to announce an exciting addition to our rapidly growing portfolio in the healthcare space! While Arrow Capital is an industry-agnostic fund, we are very excited and humbled to be supporting a startup that we believe has the potential to create significant change within the healthcare industry.

BioAmp Diagnostics is developing diagnostic tools to empower physicians to make the right decisions when treating bacterial infection and ultimately to combat the global issue of antibiotic resistance. Founded by Tara deBoer PhD and Nicole Tarlton PhD, both BioAmp and its founders have very close ties to campus. deBoer invented the core technology that inspired BioAmp while working as a postdoctoral researcher in Berkeley’s Department of Bioengineering. While BioAmp is initially targeting urinary tract infections, their patented amplification technology could open doors to impacting patient care across many other bacterial infections.

We see great potential, largely due to the strength of the founding team. BioAmp Diagnostics founders are deeply passionate about making positive change in the lives of others and possess the grit, dedication and hustle necessary to realize their visions. Arrow Capital looks forward to supporting Tara & Nicole in their journey through a combination of access to on-campus resources and connections, talent sourcing, and mentorship from Arrow partners and advisors.

Arrow Capital looks forward to investing in more startups in the healthcare and biotech space. If you are currently working on an exciting new startup, please apply for funding from Arrow Capital: https://www.arrow.capital/apply