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Arrow Capital Accepting Applications

University campuses and communities serve as strong entrepreneurial ecosystems, teeming with great ideas and talent. However, getting connected to the necessary resources and capital is a huge obstacle that visionaries face. At Arrow Capital we know this and aim to help founders through pre-seed funding.  

Since its founding in October 2018, Arrow Capital invested in a total of ten impressive startup companies, four of which were student-founded. Looking at this current school year, we are excited to continue to forge partnerships on the UC campuses and support entrepreneurs in their startup pursuits. Anyone who is seeking pre-seed funding and is a member of the University of California system as a whole - students, faculty, alumni - is encouraged to submit an application

In addition to a potential investment of up to $50k, our diverse team offers a network of connections to further guide founders in their journey. After such a successful past year, we look forward to reading this year’s applications and learning about the passionate ideas within the UC community. 

For additional information, please visit https://www.arrow.capital/startups. To stay connected and follow along as Arrow Capital works to build new enterprises and strengthen current partnerships, sign up to receive our newsletter here. Look out for announcements about other events happening across the UC Campuses and additional ways to stay in touch with the Arrow Capital team.