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Frequently asked questions


Must I be a current UC student?

Not at all! While a majority of our investments will be in startups founded by current students, we welcome and encourage applications from alumni entrepreneurs. Our only requirement is that the company is connected to someone who currently has or previously had a University of California affiliation.


Do I need to have incorporated a company?

We will need to formally invest through the proper legal structures, so yes. We can help you with this process, however.


Do you only invest in pre-seed companies?

Arrow Capital is focused on very early stage startups. If you are raising a seed round or beyond, please contact us and we will refer the investment to our parent fund, Bow Capital.


Does Arrow focus on any particular industry?

For pre-seed companies, we believe it is better to be vertical agnostic. We welcome startups from all industries.


Can I receive funding from other VCs?

Absolutely. We want our startups to build the strongest possible investor base.


What do you look for in the founders you back?

We could give you a long laundry list of characteristics, but you will have probably heard them all already. In general, the trait we most admire is grit: a passion to innovate and a proven ability to execute.


What can I expect post Arrow Capital investment?

Whatever you want! We are here to offer as much support, mentorship and connection facilitation as you would like. Some of the things we can offer:

  • Funding (current round & future rounds)

  • Connections to alumni, startups & accelerators

  • Talent sourcing

  • Operational / strategic guidance


“Operational involvement”. Tell me more?

We appreciate that every startup wants a certain kind of investor relationship. For those startups wanting operational or strategic guidance, we are happy to help directly if we can, or alternatively refer you to someone in our network.




What type of student partners are you looking for?

We are looking for intellectually inquisitive undergraduate or graduate students with a proven ability to think critically and form a sound investment rational based on a logical thought process. If you are passionate about a career in entrepreneurship or venture capital, Arrow will be a phenomenal learning opportunity. Please apply here.


Does a particular background make me better suited to work with Arrow?

Not at all. In fact, we much prefer to have a diverse set of opinions and lively debate during our partner meetings.


For how long and how many hours per week should I expect to be involved with Arrow?

You should consider Arrow Capital a permanent fixture of your university experience. To foster a long term approach to investing, we admit current students who will remain partners throughout their tenure at Berkeley. Expect to spend about 15 hours per week on Arrow related work.


What can I expect during my tenure as a student partner?

  1. An intellectually challenging and rigorous approach to investing

  2. The ability to work closely with startups seeking more operational or strategic guidance

  3. Leadership opportunities to develop and promote Arrow Capital and Bow Capital

  4. Phenomenal career opportunities in both entrepreneurial and venture activities post-graduation.

  5. A deep network of world class investors, entrepreneurs and business minds.


Can non-Berkeley students apply to be student partners?

The Arrow team is based in Berkeley, CA so the application is currently limited to UC Berkeley students. 


Where are you based?

We are based on campus at the University of California, Berkeley.


What is Bow Capital?

Founded in 2016 & backed by the University of California’s Endowment fund, Bow Capital is focused on Seed, Series A and beyond deals across the UC system.

What is the UC Endowment Fund?

Not actually a single fund! Collectively, the Investment Office of UC Regents manage in excess of $100bn. For more information, click here.